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May 11, 2016 10:23 by: Dennis Linthicum


Linthicum best choice in Senate District 28

Back in 2013 I had some questions for Dennis when he was our county commissioner.  I found him very professional and understanding of my concerns with regards to county management.  He was very approachable and was genuinely concerned with the subjects that I brought to him.

 He also shared my values with regards to the Constitution of the United States and our community here. I believe Dennis has the values that represent this county, rural Oregon and what we all stand for. He is a family man, business man, property owner and rancher here in

Klamath County and not a career politician. We truly need him and men like him to help straighten out this state.   A_vote_for_linth

He is for reducing regulatory and tax burdens on business.  He supports the proper utilization of Oregon's vast forest and mineral resources.

He's against this insane dam removal process on the Klamath River and supports the redefining of all hydro power facilities as renewable energy sources.  This will ensure clean, affordable and abundant energy supplies here in the basin for generations to come.

Dennis is against the continually growing government and one that tells us how to live.  He will support our liberties and work to give us our state back!

He wants to return control of our community back to the local level where we truly know what our community needs. We know best how to run our schools, law enforcement and even how to irrigate our lands.

A vote for Dennis Linthicum is a vote for common sense economics, local control, Constitutional and family values and will be a great start to straighten out our state government. Please vote with me and support Dennis Linthicum for State Senate District 28.

Lisa Johnson

 Klamath Falls

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