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May 05, 2016 10:20 by: Dennis Linthicum


Linthicum has what is needed in District 28

Our candidate for Senate District 28 must have solid family values, have demonstrated strong social and fiscal conservative philosophies, be willing to fulfill his oath to uphold the Constitution, be a forceful speaker and good writer, and above all, must be willing to speak out effectively for the rural values our constituents hold dear. Dennis Linthicum possesses all these attributes and more.

Dennis, with his wife of 36 years Diane, have lived a deeply religious social and fiscal conservative rural lifestyle while raising their two kids. Their children are happily married, gainfully employed college graduates.

As Klamath County commissioner, Dennis demonstrated his willingness and ability to politically develop those social, fiscal and conservative values. He worked hard to limit and prioritize county spending, and slow the encroachment of state and federal government regulation and control.


Dennis is a consensus builder who knows how to compromise and to get things done while consistently refusing to undermine the constitutional values that we hold dear.

Dennis takes his oath to uphold the Constitution seriously. He will continue to protect and advocate for freedom of speech and the right to assemble, freedom of religion, private property and irrigation rights, our Second Amendment rights for self-protection and the Tenth Amendment rights for states to self-govern.

Dennis is an outstanding speaker who has written dozens of contemporary political essays. We are confident he will make an outstanding State Senator. Gail and I ask you to join us in voting for Dennis Linthicum for Senate District 28.

Doug Whitsett

Klamath County

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