Dennis Linthicum

KLAMATH FALLS, ORE. – My name is Dennis Linthicum and I recently filed to run for elected office – Oregon State Senate District #28.

I am a former Klamath County Commissioner and was a Senior VP of Management Information Systems. Twenty years ago family opportunities led us to Oregon where we became active in careers and rural community life. I have a B.A. in Economics, from UCLA, and I currently utilize my economic knowledge as a teacher and speaker for the Dirt Road Economist. I also provide training on Constitutional principles throughout Oregon and California.
The reason for my candidacy is that Oregon needs realistic solutions. Oregon’s budget problems are mounting with estimates for the next biennium’s shortfall to be near $5 billion. Oregon needs to push beyond the status-quo mentality that pretends our ever-expanding bureaucracies will provide citizens with ever-expanding opportunities.
Big-government, it is not the solution – Liberty is!
The hardworking people who live, work and play here in Oregon have a right to more freedom, less regulation, more personal control with lower fees, permitting requirements and taxes.

Please share your thoughts and concerns with me, via eMail.

Also, watch for scheduled events and return to this website for updates and news. I will be more than pleased to hear your thoughts and respond to issues that are important to rural America, and Oregon in particular.

April Update

I am scheduling events. Please call our office (541) 892-6512 to schedule an event with you, your club, group or organization. Also, please read my articles at the Dirt Road Economist, where I tackle big issues impacting Oregon’s economy.