Dennis Linthicum

Meet My Family

My name is Dennis Linthicum. My wife, Diane, and I have lived in Klamath County for nearly 20 years. As we celebrate our 36th anniversary, we continue to love living and working in the beautiful Klamath Basin. We have two children, both are happily married and starting families in Oregon.

I have a BA in Economics from UCLA, and a Master’s Degree from Biola University.

My work history revolves around software and large-scale database development. While in California and Oregon, I have enjoyed contributing technical and managerial expertise across many fields: defense, micro-electronic circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, real estate data-processing and large-scale life insurance portfolio management.

Six years ago a friend at church suggested that I run for office as a Klamath County Commissioner. This was my first experience in the political arena and I unseated a well-entrenched, tax and spend Republican incumbent,

While serving as a commissioner I recognized the problems that flow downhill from federal government, to state government, on to county government and, finally, local citizens.

Those who are part of the ruling political class mistakenly imagine that all is well, because they have “a plan.” However, more often than not, their plans create unintended distortions at the local level, waste taxpayer resources at the state level and create ever-growing bureaucracies at all levels.

District #28 needs an individual who can clearly assess and articulate the dangers of too much government. The duties that rightfully belong to families and individuals are being slowly eroded by bureaucratic over-reach. Oregon’s legislature must return rightful power back into the hands of its citizens.

And,… it starts right here, with you and me,