Dennis Linthicum

Voters Pamphlet

State Senator, 28th District

Dennis B. Linthicum


Occupation: Former Klamath County Commissioner, software developer; rancher, small business owner.
Occupational Background: My work history revolves around software and large-scale database development. While in California and Oregon, I have enjoyed contributing technical and managerial expertise across many fields: defense, micro-electronic circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, real estate data-processing and large-scale life insurance portfolio management. My wife and I also own and operate a small ranch in Eastern Klamath County.
Educational Background: UCLA, BA-Economics; Biola University, MA-Christian Apologetics
Prior Governmental Experience:  Klamath County Commissioner; O & C Board; past Klamath County Budget Committee, Public Safety Committee
Family: Diane and I have been married to Diane for 34 years, two adult children and their spouses, one granddaughter. We attend Bonanza Community Church where we are actively involved.
Community Service:  Lifetime National Rifle Association (NRA); Lifetime Gun Owners of America (GOA); former Deacon/Elder Bonanza Community Church; member of Klamath County Republican Central Committee, Klamath County Patriots, Precinct Committee Person;


I am honored to have the endorsement of Sen. Doug Whitsett, and will continue his legacy, fighting for individual liberty, free markets, fiscal conservatism and limited government.

Life & Liberty

I believe in constitution­ally limited government, freedom to assemble and personal inde­pendence. I will give voice to these principles in Oregon’s legislature.   Oregon is a land of fearless innovators, hopeful pioneers and hard-working dreamers. I will be a voice for each one of you in Oregon’s legislature, ensuring that our liberties are maintained and we all have freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness in our great state.


Endless federal over-reach in land, water, timber and mineral resource management is hampering our economy. Natural events, compounded by federal mismanagement and ceaseless litigation, have destroyed giant swaths of our public and private lands. The results are public access road closures, scarred watersheds, lost wilderness habitat and job opportunities. Local control by the men and women who live, work and play in Oregon’s resource-rich environment can bring resilience back into our communities and economies.


Oregon’s progressive legislature is renowned for its pork barrel spending, hastily passed ‘emergency’ legislation, partisan totalitarianism, and a penchant for stripping citizens of their right to self-defense. The public is rightfully dissatisfied by Salem because of their deafness to rural Oregon’s needs and spend-thrift cronyism.


I humbly ask for your support, as I express the values, work-ethic and compassion that Oregon’s Senate needs.

I will be your voice against bloated bureaucracies. As your state senator, I will stand up for Oregon’s natural opportunities. We are blessed with bountiful timber, water, farmland, ranch land, technology, recreation and mineral resources – plus the people who make our state a wonderful place to live and work. I will fight for your right to pursue these opportunities and make our communities more prosperous in the process.  

Endorsed by:

Tom Mallams, Klamath County Commissioner
Colleen Roberts, Jackson County Commissioner
Oregon Right to Life PAC
Oregon Firearms Federation PAC
Doug Whitsett, Senator – District 28
Gail Whitsett, Representative – District 56

(This information furnished by the Committee to Elect Dennis Linthicum (CTEDL).