Dennis Linthicum

Secretary of State


Dennis Linthicum  —  Republican


Occupation: State Senator; Small Business Owner; Rancher


Occupational Background: State Senator; Klamath County Commissioner; Sr. Vice President Management Information Systems; Principal/Owner, Aslan Enterprises; Rancher


Educational Background: UCLA, BA -Economics; BIOLA MA -Apologetics


Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; Klamath County Commissioner; Elected PCP – Klamath Co. Republican Party; Senate Committees: Judiciary; Healthcare; Education; Housing and Development; Veterans, Emergency Management, Federal and World Affairs


“Dennis is the perfect leader to ensure voter integrity, oversee corporate registrations, and audit state agencies.” –Senator Brian Boquist


Oregonians cherish individual liberty, finding equal appeal in the charms of farm-to-table roadside stands and the convenience of mega-store and mall shopping. This affinity reflects a profound appreciation for free markets, fiscal conservatism, limited government intervention, benevolence and dignity.


These principles form the core of the MAGA movement—intuitive, sensible and well-founded.


Headlines have filled the news with the failures of our State’s executive offices. This underscores urgency for comprehensive accountability, transparency and ethics reform.


The abandonment of these foundational principles is exacerbated by deficiencies within the Secretary of State’s executive office.


Dennis has pledged to:

Dennis has seasoned experience and unwavering determination. He pledges to restore accountability to Salem using strategic awareness and understanding. Dennis will check executive agency and departmental overreach to stop the careless waste of taxpayer dollars.


Dennis will champion the rights of individual Oregonians.


Dennis will fiercely defend your right to pursue opportunities and elevate our communities toward greater prosperity. Oregon’s wealth of resources—timber, water, farmland, ranch land, minerals, technology, and recreation—combined with the resilience and spirit of our people, constitutes a winning strategy.


“Dennis will bring Integrity, Accountability and Transparency…” – Senator Kim Thatcher

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(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Dennis Linthicum.)

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Oregon Right to Life PAC
Oregon Firearms Federation PAC
Art Robinson, Senator
Kim Thatcher, Senator

(This information furnished by the Committee to Elect Dennis Linthicum (CTEDL).