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May 23, 2016 07:17 by: Dennis Linthicum

Thanks for your vote, support, prayers and hard work. We could not have won this primary without you!

As we look towards the general election this November, I encourage you to hold fast to the exceptional ideals of America. Without a solid foundation of knowledge, wisdom and character, we cannot defeat tyrannical leftist culture and policies.

So, I urge all of my friends to spend a few minutes on the 3 R's:

As Republicans, we should be different from the progressive left. We stand apart with thoughtfulness, history and freedom on our side, aspiring to individual liberty, not political control.

Thank you again for voting for Constitutional values and true conservatism. I know there's a lot of work yet to be done as we fight for our public land use, timber industry, water rights and other real-world concerns - but today, I am elated that our values succeeded in this primary battle. Together, we can do great things for Oregon and I am so honored by your support.

Hold fast to your Republican ideals,
Hold fast to your yard signs too: we'll need them in November!

(Or, call Diane, 541-892-6512, to arrange for a pick up.)

Thanks for Your VOTE !!


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